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Home Visits

About the home visit service

BrainCurve Psychology has designed our services around the needs of our clients. There are a number of reasons why clients may prefer to be seen at home or when those referring them suspect this may be useful:

  • trauma, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder which leads to driving or travel triggering anxiety
  • head injury or brain injury which can result in dislike or fear of new places, new people, or noise.
  • fatigue due to brain injury which results in the person's performance being likely to be influenced by fatigue
  • ambivalence or anxiety about the assessment and a possibility of this affecting attendance
  • inability to drive due to brain injury or physical disability
  • fear of leaving the house

There are also some occasions when we would recommend a home visit:

  • when we need to interview several family members or talk to children
  • when being aware of the home environment will aid our assessment, e.g. designing a memory aids system
  • when there are behavioural problems which might make a clinic visit unwise but which can be managed at home

Case example

Paul has a head injury and suspected PTSD, resulting in anxiety as a passenger in a car or taxi. His solicitor mentions this in his referral and we arrange for his medico-legal assessment to be conducted at home, across two sessions in the same week. Paul feels safer at home, engages more easily with the psychologist, and trusts her more in sharing his feelings. The report is thus a more valid reflection of his actual ability levels without anxiety interfering with the results, while accurately describing the everyday effect of anxiety upon his functioning. Due to having built a good relationship with the psychologist, Paul feels able on the third visit to attend clinic for an assessment which cannot be done at home. This goes very smoothly.

When is a home visit not recommended?

  • When there are likely to be too many distractions which interfere with performance, e.g. animals, small children
  • When there is little quiet space, space away from others, or the environment lacks facilities like a table
  • When the person is easily distracted or may for other reasons benefit from the more formal setting of a clinic.
  • When the reason for assessment is related to factors which may affect performance but need to be assessed to discover the magnitude of this effect, e.g. when capacity to return to work is an issue

Criteria and fees for home visits

  • For assessments and medico legal Reports, within the London area and East Anglia
  • For therapy, within a radius of 60 miles of Norwich
  • Fees are negotiable on a case by case basis but as a guide travel for assessments within 30 miles of Norwich will be at no extra cost. Travel outside of that radius will be charged at £75 an hour, for the travel exceeding the radius alone.
  • Therapy involving regular home visits will be negotiable
  • Estimates for home visits can be given on enquiry
  • For long-distance assessments involving several days assessment a deposit may be requested
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