Medico-legal Referrals

For Medico-legal referrals we offer a flexible service and the highest sensitivity to your client's needs. BrainCurve Psychology specialises in head injury but Linda Atterton has over fifteen years experience and has assessed and treated most neurological conditions. Instructions are accepted both for Expert Reports and for rehabilitation of neuropsychological or emotional problems. Local solicitors make regular referrals but assessments can be arranged within the South East and London. A preliminary discussion to discuss the individual case is encouraged and estimates provided. There are no long waiting lists and fees are competitive. We welcome enquiries from agencies acting on behalf of solicitors and are listed with national as well as regional companies.

About BrainCurve Psychology's Medico Legal Services

  • Linda Atterton welcomes enquiries for both medico legal Reports and for the provision of other assessments and therapy.
  • Unless the enquiry is made through an agency, preliminary telephone or email enquiries prior to Instruction are preferred to enable us to better understand the nature and details of your requirements. Solicitors who refer regularly may of course send Instructions without a preliminary enquiry in which case we will confirm details by telephone or email.
  • On verbal or email acceptance of Instruction we shall discuss Terms and Conditions and provide an estimate of fees.
  • At this point we shall agree a desired timescale with the agency or person making the referral.
  • Appointments can usually be arranged within two weeks of formal written Instruction and reports provided within 4-8 weeks of the assessment, depending upon complexity of case. Please inform us of any request for urgent referral and report and this can usually be accommodated.
  • We reserve the right to alter the estimate of fees if on receiving the documentation and records we advise that the case will require more time for preparation, assessment, or report.
  • On receiving the documentation and formally accepting an Instruction in writing, including by email, we will ask you to sign an agreement regarding the agreed Terms and Conditions. Our standard Terms and Conditions are provided. In practice we are willing to negotiate flexible payment terms after discussion and will then agree this in writing.
  • Please note that although in certain cases we may agree to await payment of fees until you have received fees or Legal aid, your firm is responsible for settlement of our invoice in every case.
  • In cases where travel time or expenses are high or where your policy regarding settlement of invoices exceeds 3 months or longer we reserve the right to request a deposit or interim payment and will request written agreement of this.
  • When instructed through an agency or where we are an associate of another company we shall seek agreement before accepting Instructions in writing regarding whose Terms and Conditions we are adopting
  • Please note should an assessment or session not proceed through either the patient failing to attend without more than 12 hours notice, or where on travelling to them we are unable to see them, we reserve the right to charge a fee for the time spent in preparation, travel, or waiting .
  • Please consult our standard terms and conditions for more details.
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